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Up, Up and Away! The Great American Air Show is soaring our way! On Saturday, September 17th, the final Cornfest Event will be held on Discovery Park of America’s ‘Great Lawn’.

Hula on over August 12th to the Country Club for our Hawaiian Luau after the IAC Aerobatic Competition. Grass skirts, flip flops and coconuts required. Aloha!
"Beyond the Clouds"

The National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) and TDOT Aeronautics Division are hosting the 2017 U.S. International Aviation Art contest.  The contest will begin at the State level, move to National, and then on to International competition.  The International Aviation Art Contest challenges young people to illustrate the importance of aviation through art. Demonstrating the impact of aeronautics through an interactive, fun medium such as art motivates youth of all ages to become more familiar with aeronautics, engineering and science. Children between the ages of 6 and 17 may participate. Entries will be judged in three classes, according to age and at least in part for its creative use of the theme in relation to the aviation world. Click the link for more information regarding Contest Information.

We live beneath the clouds. We look up and see them stand stationary or speed across the sky. We see them reflect the bright colors of the sunrise or sunset. They turn dark and purple, letting us know a storm is coming. We see almost every aspect of clouds, except what they look like from above. Above the clouds is a space known only to those who dare to break the bounds of earth. Some soar in hot air balloons, gliders and hang gliders, floating across the sky with the clouds. Others fly in planes, as pilots or passengers, watching the clouds and earth race by below. Specially trained pilots in rugged aircraft fly into storm clouds, taking measurements that help those on the ground predict where the storm will go. Those in helicopters can stand still, like clouds on a still day, or can fly across the sky high and low. Aerobatic pilots love clear skies, so those below can watch their amazing feats of flight. Intrepid aviators on the ground send up weather balloons almost to space, both for science and for the amazing pictures that can be taken only when you get above the clouds. The world of aviation is always changing as each new generation of pilots and designers bring their vision of flight to the world. Now it’s your time to grab your favorite art supplies and turn your imagination loose. Create a work of art that celebrates the adventures and excitement only available in that special place beyond the clouds.

Contestants will have their choice of Navy or Grey shirts.



    There will also be a FISH FRY on the grounds at Discovery Park, and you can purchase your plate for $10, plus tax! You’ll be able to purchase your plate beginning at 4:00 PM just in time for the air show!


    Doors will open at 4:00 PM for FREE admission to Discovery Park of America! Discovery Center will CLOSE at 5:00 PM.

    You can bring your picnic blankets, lawn chairs, and the whole crew to watch several planes dance and twirl in the air above Discovery Center and the Great Lawn at 5:00 PM.

The Great American Air Show Saturday, Sept. 17th, Discovery Park of America
Plane CAP 232 Extra 330 Pitts S2B RV RV Pitts Pitts Taylorcraft Dehaviland Chipmunk Curtis Wright, Sukhoi, Goose Performer Debbie Rihn-Hrvey Wayne Roberts Jim Risher Bull Dog Formation Tommy Palmer Patrick McAlee Robert Lacerta Eric Edgrin Nathan Hammond Mike Rinker

Everett-Stewart Regional Airport welcomes IAC (International Aerobatic Club) Chapter 27 Open Championships East taking place August 12 & 13.  Approximately 50 pilots, plus judges and volunteers, and family and friends will begin arriving Thursday, August 11th for “box” set up and practice. Read more>>


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