Everett-Stewart Regional Airport

Jointly operated by Obion and Weakley Counties



   In addition to a Contest Director, there is an Assistant Director, Contest Jury,  Chief Judge, Assistant Chief Judge, Judges, Assistant Judges, Recorders, Boundary Judges, Deadline Judges, Safety Director, Medical Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Technical Director, Registrar, Scorers, Starters, Runners, Box Panel Flippers, and the very important and much needed Social Coordinators to help coordinate food/beverage for meals and snacks and transportation to and from hotels and banquets as well as activities for family members.  Unlike most events in the area, these pilots and many of the judges and contest volunteers will be arriving by airplane and will need local transportation.


   Last year’s Regional Contest was a huge success due mostly to the donations and participation of our local sponsors and aided in our ability to attract the IAC Open Championship East.  This contest is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Obion and Weakley Counties and the entire Northwest Tennessee and open doors to future contest possibilities.


   Practice and Registration starts Wednesday August 10- Thursday August 11. A Rain/Weather day is scheduled for Sunday, August 14. Power is Primary through Unlimited.


Contest Director: Mike Rinker

Contact Information: Primary Phone: 731-796-0849 E-Mail: mdr@vaughnelectric.com

Website: www.iac27.org

Register to enter: http://www.iacusn.org/acrs/login.php?url=%2Facrs%2Findex.php




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